Continuation of part 1 of "Pass it on" from last week. "Your LIFE should reflect your HEART for God."

Pass It On

August 12, 2018
We have a responsibility to "pass on" what we have been given... our salvation, our freedom, and our knowledge of the greatness, the goodness, and the everlasting love of God…

The Substance

August 5, 2018
Look to the person, the substance, of our faith: Jesus. Keep your eyes focused on Him. Keep your faith in someone, not in something, and your foundation will be solid.

At The Door No More

July 29, 2018
Every time the presence of the Lord would show up at the tabernacle, Moses would go up to seek His glory. As he walked, the people would stand at the…

Maintain Hope

July 22, 2018
Maintain Hope - a call to all the hurting, broken, and those who feel their situation is hopeless. You are not alone. Trust in the Lord and seek Him. Remember…

David’s Reflection

July 15, 2018
Near the end of King David's life, he reflects on all that God has done for him, all the calamity he has been saved from, and all the ways that…
Pastor Kevin continues from last week's message about "catching the little foxes" in our lives. We need to recognize the attacks from the enemy, release the issues in our hearts…
"The Little Foxes" is a symbolic phrase that refers to the little things in our life that can bring big destruction if not dealt with. This sermon is an encouragement…

The King’s Table

June 24, 2018
"The King's Table" is the story of Mephibosheth, a man who was dropped as a child and is now lame in his feet. His father, Jonathan, was King David's best…

Father’s Day

June 17, 2018
This year's Father's Day message. Choose this day whom you will serve!