Vision Sunday

February 10, 2019
Pastors Kevin and Cindy share their heart on where Brookside has come from and the ongoing vision for where we are going.


February 3, 2019
Pastor Kevin teaches about communion from the passover, to Jesus at the last supper, to today.

Heart Talk

January 27, 2019
A down-to-Earth message given by Pastor Kevin and his wife Cindy. They share their hearts for the church and this time in our lives by sharing encouragement for the new…
Pastor continues his message about how to find breakthrough in the new year. His practical message about how to find breakthrough will leave you with new tools, renewed hope, and…
Pastor Kevin continues his series on how we can continue to pursue God and receive breakthrough in any issues we have in the new year. In everything you do, do…
Pastor Kevin begins a new series on the year of breaking through! He shows us how to fight the schemes of the enemy through the Word, our prayer, our fasting…

New Year – Right Direction

December 30, 2018
Brother Brennan Ayers and Brother Tim Rose together provide a heartfelt message of power and direction for Brookside Church in the new year. It is both challenging and empowering for…

Christmas Lessons

December 23, 2018
Pastor Kevin Reich shows us 6 lessons from the Christmas story that we can and should apply to our lives every day.


December 9, 2018
Pastor Kevin's message about how we should put off the "Old Man" - the things that make us "ugly" on the inside, and to put on the "New Man", the…

Region – Part 4

December 2, 2018
Pastor Kevin's final message in the Region series. Pastor challenges us to represent the Kingdom in all we do, as individuals and as a body of believers, to those around…